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Charter Fishing

You can spend the entire season fishing around for ideal charter fishing trips. Or you can stop right here in the “charter fishing capital of Maryland” since 1946, with the largest charter fishing fleet on the Chesapeake Bay in Chesapeake Beach, Maryland.

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  • Charter boats include licenses and tackle
  • Trolling does not require bait cost
  • Bottom fishing with blood worms is based on market price
  • Chumming bait cost is based on market price.
  • Boxed lunch options are available. Call 800-233-2080 to order. 
Miss Lizzy boat sailing near the dock at Rod N Reel Resort

Monday – Thursday

  • 6 Pack Charter: 6 hour $550 / 8 hour $700
  • Over 6 Pack Charter: 6 hour $575, $80 for each person over six
  • 8 hour $775, $80 for each person over six

Friday – Sunday

  • 6 Pack Charter: 6 hour $675 / 8 hour $800
  • Over 6 Pack Charter: 6 hour $700, $89 for each person over six
  • 8 hour $825, $89 for each person over six
Man & kids fishing in a boat near the Rod N Reel Resort
  • Trolling: In this type of fishing, one or more lines are baited with lures or bait fish and drawn through the water. Methods: from behind a moving boat or by slowly winding the line in while fishing from a static position. Types of fish caught: rockfish, bluefish, and Spanish mackerel.
  • Bottom fishing: A weight is tied to the end of the line and a hook is positioned about an inch above the weight. You can also use the weight to cast or throw the line a set distance. Fish targeted: ground fish such as spot, white perch, croaker and rockfish.
  • Chumming: Ground-up fish (chum) is thrown into the water to lure a variety of fish by their sense of smell. Species lured by this type of fishing: rockfish and bluefish.

Following any fishing trip aboard the head boat or one of our charter fishing boats, complete your fun-filled day by allowing us to prepare your big catch. Simply bring "ready to cook" fish fillets to the Rod 'N' Reel Restaurant and our Chef will cook it

Boats docked at Charter Fishing at Rod N Reel Resort

Capt. Mike Harris


Builder: Markley

46ft; 800 Caterpillar

Licensed for 6 passengers

Call: 301-717-5905 for reservations



Capt. Chris Mills


Builder: Jones

40' X 13', Single 450 Cummins Diesel

Licensed for 22 passengers

Call 443-532-1025 for reservations.



Captain Chris Mills is a longtime resident of Calvert County and currently calls North Beach home with his wife Dawn and son Tyler. Chris has more than 20 years of experience working on charter boats. For several years, he spent most of his time on Captain Ed O'Brien's "Semper Fidelis" and became a Coast Guard Certified Captain in 2007. Chris lives by the hard-to-argue-with motto: "Life is Good." Especially when it comes to spending a day on the Chesapeake Bay.


Capt. Damon K. Williams


Builder: Carman

50' X 16', Twin John Deere diesel engines

Licensed for 42 passengers

Call 410-474-9858 for reservations.



Born and raised in Calvert County and growing up in Chesapeake Beach, Captain Damon has been making his living in the Chesapeake Bay Outdoors for three decades. Fresh out of school Captain Damon bought his first commercial license and charter boat, the Rockhound, from the family of famed lure maker Captain Arden Cather. Since then, Captain Damon has operated his boats from Massachusetts to Florida. Captain Damon holds a USCG Masters License, MD State Fishing Guide License, MD Outfitters License, and NOAA’s Highly Migratory Species Charter Permit


Capt. Marcus Wilson


Builder: Carman

375 HP John Deere 45' X 13'

Licensed for 22 passengers

Call 301-785-1199 for reservations.



Years ago, in his mid-20s, Captain Marcus Wilson started fishing on the Bay with his dad like many a young Captain. More recently, he gained experience working as a mate on some of the best charter boats in the mid-Bay area. He's had the opportunity to fish with Drew Payne on the “Worm,” Marty Simounet on the “Kyran Lynn,” Eddie Green on the “Plumb Crazy,” and Jamey Danford on “Kelly D.” Now Captain Marcus has his own boat and is excited to build his own charter business.



Capt. Ed Green Jr.


Builder: Meekins

42' X 14', Twin 355 Cat

Licensed for 18 passengers

Call 301-233-0377 for reservations.



Captain Eddie Green Jr. is a fisherman. Period. Or should we say, exclamation point. His passion for fishing is matched by a long track record exploring the Chesapeake—including growing up working with his dad on the "Why Not" and 13 successful years on his former "Bay Raider." Plumb crazy for fishing? You bet.



Capt. Marty Simounet


Builder: Harry White

40' X 13.5', Single 375 hp Diesel

Licensed for 20 passengers

Call 410-474-4105 for reservations.



Step aboard the Sunny Leigh with Captain Marty Simounet and crew for a fun-filled day of Chesapeake fishing. Watch the sun pop over the horizon as you head to the local fishing grounds. Then feel the excitement build as you wait for Capt. Marty to signal "lines in," and compete to be the angler in your party who catches the biggest fish.



Capt. Wayne Schuhart


Builder: Markley

46' X 14'

Licensed for 24 passengers

Call 301-751-6056 for reservations.



Captain Wayne Schuhart has been fishing the Chesapeake Bay since he was in his teens. Whether it's trolling for Trophy Rockfish or live lining for smaller summertime rock, Captain Wayne will make sure you have a fishing day to remember. He holds a 100-Ton Near Coastal U.S.C.G. Master Captain’s license and an advanced degree in going the extra mile.

Entrance stairs of Charter Fishing at Rod N Reel Resort