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Rod 'N' Reel Bingo

Doors Open 8:30am
Admission Open 9:00am
Warm Ups 10:00am
Main Session 11:00am

Doors Open 3:30pm
Admission Open 4:00pm
Warm Ups 5:00pm
Main Session 6:00pm

Doors Open 5:30pm
Admission Open 6:00pm
Warm Ups 7:00pm
Main Session 8:00pm


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Doors Open 5:00pm
Admission Open 5:30pm
Mini Session 6:00pm
Admission Open 7:30pm
Mini Session: 8:00pm


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Special Bingo Sessions

July Bingo Calendar

Check out the July Bingo Calendar for all of our Bingo Specials!

Specials throughout the month: Bingo Royalty, Reel Olympics & more...

Learn more by viewing the calendar below: 

View Calendar

Reel Olympics

Friday, July 26th 
AM Session Doors Open: 8:30am
PM Session Doors Open: 5:30pm

Sunday, July 28th
Doors Open: 3:30pm

Monday, July 29th
Doors Open: 5:30pm

Wednesday, July 31st
Doors Open: 8:30am

Single Winners on the 1st Warmup Set chose a medal to determine their prize!


Saturday, August 31st in the Overlook

Doors Open: Noon


Session I

Admission Open: 12:30 PM  |  Warm Ups: 2 PM  |  Main Session: 3 PM

-  BREAK -

Session II

Admission Open: 6 PM  |  Warm Ups: 7 PM  |  Main Session: 8 PM


All day play for just $45!

Collect raffle tickets for free play drawings all month!

$1000 in Free Play drawings at Session I

$1000 in Free Play drawings at Session II

Bingo Rules

The most important rule: walk out happier than you came in. However, to make sure everyone has an equally great time and to keep things running smoothly, we do ask you to keep a few things in mind when playing bingo at Rod ‘N’ Reel:

  • Guest must be 18 years of age or older to be in the Bingo Room.
  • Guest must be playing the minimum buy-in to be seated in the room.
  • All paper packs must be marked with a dauber.
  • Only one electronic unit per guest is allowed.
  •  It is the guest’s responsibility to keep the correct receipt with their electronic unit.
  • It is the guest’s responsibility to stop the game when they have a winner by calling “bingo” loudly and clearly, so that the caller is alerted.
  • A ball shown on the camera is not official until it is called.
  • Once the caller closes a game, no late winners will be honored.
  • Paper players must be on the correct sheet to have a valid winner.
  • No splitting or sharing of any paper packs or electronic units.
  • All bingo cards are valid only for the session in which they are purchased.
  • Guest may buy in up until the end of the second game of the session.
  • Winners must have the last number called in the winning bingo pattern, to have a valid win.
  • Multiple winners on different levels will be paid the split amount based on their level payout.
  • Guest must verify their purchases at the selling window as all sales are final.
  • Every effort is made to ensure that there are no duplicate cards sold during a single session.
  • If duplicate cards are sold during the same single session due to human error or manufacturer error, management is not held responsible.
  • If the caller fails to drop the bingo balls between games, as soon as the error is discovered, the bingo balls will be dropped and play will continue.
  • No refunds will be offered. When balls come up that have already been called, they will be shown on camera and play will continue.
  • If a player has a double bingo on a single bingo, the game will be advanced and no balls will be called until the winner is verified.
  • No reserve seats will be held after close of game 1.
  • The guest’s players card must be swiped at the time of purchase.
  • Cell phones must be on silent during the session. Guest must step outside the Bingo Room to make or receive calls.
  • Talking must be kept to a minimum, so as not to be disruptive to other guests.
  • If a player must leave the room for any reason during the session, player should contact Bingo Manager before leaving.
  • Player must be playing the session to be eligible to play Super Win Bingo Game.
  • In the event of a dispute of situation not covered by the rules stated above, bingo management will resolve issues. This decision will be final and binding.
  • Management reserves all rights.